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Magic in a bottle! S(ol) Serum and Wealthy have changed my skin for the better. Before using these products my skin was utterly dry, patchy, and lackluster. Additionally, I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and therefore I have to be careful when it comes to trying skincare products. Over the years, I have tried several overpriced treatments that are either too irritating and abrasive or just plain ineffective. I am thrilled to say that this is not the case for (lo)tus beauty! The all-natural ingredients truly healed my skin. This was my first time using a facial oil, so I was honestly a bit nervous to see how my skin would react, but after only a few weeks there was a noticeable difference in texture and tone. My skin is even, smooth, and glowy. As for the body oil, it really helped to clear up KP on my arms and legs because of its ultra hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. These products deliver results and they smell wonderful too!

Lynn Barlow

With sensitive skin, I’m always skeptical of trying new products. Yet, after each day of work, I found my skin dry, fragile, and irritated. With a helpful nudge, I tried (lo)tus beauty’s “Wealthy” and will never look back. 

Moisture? Its got that. Rejuvenate? It’ll do that. Glow? Oh, don’t even question it. From the beautiful packaging, to the gorgeous flowers, and a lightweight consistency, it’s the only serum I’ll ever buy! 

Jocelyn Dillard

Two Lotus Beauty products that have become a staple in my routine are Sol Serum and Wealthy.

I am someone who has a combination-oily skin, so I was very hesitant to use oils on my face so when the creators of this brand suggested Sol Serum I was a little nervous. After I started using it, I fell in love! I never look or feel greasy when I use this product. It has helped me with acne and hyperpigmentation. I've seen results with my dark spots in as little as 10 days, with acne as little as 5. I not only use Sol Serum to wrap up my skin care routine but, to prime my face for make up! It works great with Fenty original formula foundation and primer. When I use it, I feel that my makeup lasts longer. It also works very well with Mac, NYX and Make Up forever face products. Also, I use it in my hair! When I have braids, I use this on my scalp and hairline since I know it won't run down my face or give me acne.

Wealthy, I use as a body oil. My skin gets extremely dry during the winter time, especially my heels and ankles. The skin on my heels was very hard due to scraping during pedicures, this moisturizer has really helped with that. I get eczema on my hands and arms every year, it didn't come back until I stopped using Wealthy for a test period. It didn't burn when I used it to treat my eczema like it often does when I use other moisturizers. 

Asia Miller

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